How Does Pay for Print Work?
Students can print from ITS labs via Pay for Print release Stations using funds in their Campus Cash accounts. To add funds to Campus Cash visit and click the Get Funds button at the bottom of the page. Students can also add funds to Campus in person at the UWL Card Office, 233 Cartwright Center.

Black and white printers are located in the following locations: Cartwright Mezzanine; Murphy Library: Main Floor, 2nd Floor and Basement and all of the Residence Hall computer labs. Color printers are located in Murphy Library and in Wing 103 at the Eagle Help Desk. All printers have printer release stations in the locations specified above.

Printing from Campus Labs
  1. Log into the Print Release Station with your NetID and NetID password. If you are having problems logging in, please try resetting your password at If you are still not able to log in, contact the Eagle Help Desk at (608) 785-8774 or

  2. Your print job(s) will be listed. Click on Print (top right) to release one print job or click on Print All (bottom right) to release all print jobs. Click Done.

  3. To Delete your job, follow steps 1 and 2, and then press the Cancel button (top right hand side). You will be asked to confirm that you want to delete your print job, click Yes to delete. Click done. You will not be charged for print job if you click on Cancel.

Printing from Res Halls or Remotely from Campus

Students can use Web Printing to print from Res Halls, remotely from campus or wireless devices.

1. Go to and log in with your Net ID and password.

2. From the menu on the left, click on Web Print followed by Submit a Job

3. Select the printer followed by clicking on 2. Print Options and Account Selection at
the bottom left hand side of the page

4. Type the number of copies you would like to print. Click on Upload Document

5. Click on Chose File and navigate to the document to be printed

6. Click on Upload and Complete

You have successfully submitted your document to the printer. You will need to release your document at the Printer Release Station found next to the printer you selected. See Printing from Campus Labs for printer release information.


All students will receive a $1.20 printing credit at the beginning of the fall and spring semester and 60 cents printing credit for the summer session. The printing credit balance will carry over between fall and spring semester. The printing credit balance does not carry over from spring to summer session or from spring to fall session. When printing documents, the funds will be withdrawn from the printing account until the account is depleted then it will be withdrawn from Campus Cash.
  • Adding Funds - Once the semester printing credit has been depleted, students will pay for printing using their Campus Cash accounts. To add funds to Campus Cash visit and click the Get Funds button at the bottom of the page. Students can also add funds to Campus in person at the UWL Card Office, 233 Cartwright Center. If you have question on Campus Cash contact the UWL Card Office at (608) 785-8891 or
  • Checking Printing Balance - You can check the funds you have available for printing at by logging in with your NetID. The balance is located on the Summary Tab (default tab when logging in). The summary page shows you your balance as well as the total print jobs and pages printed.

  • Transaction History - All printing transaction(s) can be viewed at Transaction History located at Log in with your Net ID and password and click on Transaction History from the menu on the left. You have the ability to print or export printing history to the following file formats: .pdf, .html or .csv. Additional information is available on a print job by hovering your mouse over Printer Usage.

  • Refunds - Refunds will only be given for malfunctioning print jobs consisting of a $1.20 or more. Please log a ticket at Login with your NetID and NetID password, choose Printing for Request Type followed by Pay for Print Refund. Refunds will only be granted to your Print account and cannot be used as Campus Cash.

  1. Faculty, staff and individuals with miscellaneous accounts CANNOT print from any Information Technology Services printing locations. The printers mentioned and the Pay for Print services are only for student use.
  2. Campus Cash is managed by the UWL Card Office, Please refer to their website for more information about Campus Cash. Information Technology Services is unable to add funds to Campus Cash accounts.
  3. Students are encouraged to use electronic resources whenever possible to avoid accruing costs. Also, students are encourage to use the print preview function before purchasing a print job.