How do instructors manually add, remove, and change enrollments (students, fellow instructors) in D2L?
Most D2L course registration is handled automatically through an integration process with UW System. The Classlist for your D2L courses is updated nightly to reflect the course’s current registration. However, there are some situations when having the ability to register a student, an additional instructor, or teaching assistant to your D2L course may be helpful. Some instances where this may be necessary:
  • Your D2L course is not on the UWL course timetable. Therefore, all students must be entered manually.
  • You want to add a student who is auditing your course.
  • You want to add a graduate or teaching assistant.
  • You would like to add another UWL faculty member to your D2L course as an Instructor.

See the attached PDF for more information.
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