How do I connect my iOS device (iPod, iPhone, iPad) to the UWL EAGLENET Wireless network?
Once you have completed these steps you will have access to UWL's EAGLENET wireless network whenever on campus. This network is faster and more secure than other campus wireless options.

Note: After following the instructions below you will need to confirm that you have been moved to the EAGLENET network. If you have not, forget the UWLSecure network on your device and manually connect to EAGLENET.

You must complete this setup using the iPad's Safari browser. Third party browsers are not supported.

  1. Go to your Wi-Fi Networks (in Settings) and choose UWLSecure.

  2. Once your device has connected to UWLSecure please open Safari and enter a Web address, i.e.

  3. Safari will redirect you to the Login page where you can enter in your NetID and Password.

  4. On the next page click the Smart Connect button.

  5. Click the button to install the network profile.

  6. This will take you to a settings page to install the profile. Click Install.

  7. When prompted click "Install Now". This will copy UWL's network settings to your device.

  8. Go back into your wireless settings and see what network you are connected to.

  9. Select EAGLENET as your wireless connection. Once connected, you should see a check mark next to EAGLENET.

  10. Notes: You should then go through the steps to forget the UWLSecure network so it does not cause problems in the future with your EAGLENET connection. Do this through Settings > General > Network by selecting UWLSecure and then pressing "Forget this Network". In the future, if prompted to choose a wireless network always select EAGLENET.
  11. Once the process has completed you should automatically connect to EAGLENET when you are on campus.

If you have problems:
  • You can still access the internet through the UWLOpen network.
  • You can open a help ticket with the Eagle Help Desk at
  • Contact the Eagle Help Desk at (608) 785-8774 or for assistance.