How do I connect to the wireless nework at UWL?
UWL has 2 wireless network options.

UWLOpen is a good option for campus guests and short term use.

UWLOpen grants internet access to anyone on campus. After connecting to UWLOpen you will need to open a web browser and accept the agreement before continuing to the internet.

UWLSecure is the preferred network for students, faculty, and staff with a UWL NetID.
  • UWLSecure is faster than UWLOpen.
  • UWLSecure encrypts all network traffic to provide a safer network experience.
  • UWLSecure provides a persistent connection to the internet and does not require you to accept an agreement each time it is used.

To use UWLSecure:
  1. Select UWLSecure from the list of availalble wireless networks
  2. Open a web browser and try to visit any website
  3. When prompted, login with your UWL NetID
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to run the tool that configures your connection

Note: After you have connected through UWLSecure you will be moved to a network named EAGLENET. This is normal and expected. If your connection is not automatically moved please select EAGLENET manually. This will provide you with the best wireless service on campus. 

For detailed instructions of each device please follow the links below: